Power System

FIC Engineers offer full range of power systems studies and engineering services to utilities, IPP's & Industries - both for new installations and to improve the efficiency and performance of existing Electrical Network. FIC Engineers understands utility/industrial Power System Study requirements with respect to International, practices/standards and use state-of-the art software to analyse the system problems in detail to provide techno-economi solutions.


  • Load flow studies
  • Short circuit studies
  • Transient stability studies
  • Protection Coordination Studies (Overcurrent phase and earth fault, high set, differential, distance, frequency, voltage relays)
  • Equipment protection applications (Transformers, transmission lines, motors, generators, bus protection)
  • Harmonic measurements, analysis, and filter design
  • Insultation coordination studies
  • I Motor starting studies.

Relay Coordination and Arc Flash for Saudi ARAMCO
The objective of this study is to verify and validate the over current settings applied in the existing electrical power systems at substations for the safety of personnel and equipment at rastanura south and north terminals detailed scope of this relay co-ordination study is to update the applied settings in to etap model, generate toy curves, verify and validate the settings applied. the purpose of the arc flash study is to fix, verify, define and validate the personnel safety reguirements along with equipment protection requirements.

OGDCL Relay Coordination Studies
The existing electrical protection system of the Dakhni Gas Plant has performed its function more than 25 years During the up-gradation of Ruston Gas Turbines new control and protection system was installed which is more advance and responds more quickly/accurately in sensing the faults than the already installed electro-mechanical protection relays. Scope of the study:

  • I Identify coordination issues and propose solutions
  • I Protection Settings Pi Coordination

Offering Power System Solutions tailored to fit the needs of:

  • Transmisson utilities
  • Distribution utilities
  • Power generation companies
  • EPC contracting and construction companies
  • Oil &Gas industry
  • Metals & ming industry
  • Chemicals cement and fertilizers industry

Simulation Tools:
To address more complex networks for sophisticated electrical studies with precise and optimum design. highly specialized reputed design software with right expertise is rettnred.plc Engineering uses the following well reputed software for conductingthe system studies as per customer needs.
PSCAD: Electro Magnetic Transient analysis package for performing insulation coordination, Ngr design,special protection relay (like distance relay) behavior analysis and over current relay protection coordination and Power quality assessment study.
ETAP: Load flow, short circuit, motor starting. transient stability studies, relay setting calculation/coordination study, load shedding analysis, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Harmonic Analaysis and Automatic Bus Transfer studies.
PSS/E: Load flow, short circuit, protection review and dynamic studies for utility networks

Contact Details
Pakistan: DHA Phase-11, Lahore
Contact Details
Pakistan: DHA Phase-11, Lahore

Copyright by FIC Engineers. All rights reserved.

Copyright by FIC Engineers. All rights reserved.